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Ant: The Movie

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11-minute film

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Talk Show Host

“Talk Show Host” NEW Takes place at a cable television station in 1973.

In the background is the Vietnam War, Watergate, the comet Kahoutek and the many personalities roaming the set of a televised bingo contest.

an excerpt from this contemporary novel …

All the peninsula is divided into three parts, the northern-most of which is San Francisco, Daly City another and Pacifica comprises the third. Daly City, therefore, is a buffer between San Francisco and Pacifica; all three cities’ borders touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Inhabitants of Pacifica call themselves Pacificans.

Logan lived in San Francisco and was unfamiliar with the rest of the peninsula. He had never been to Pacifica, but knew approximately where it was along the coast highway. He had directions: Take 101 south until it veers right and becomes Highway 1. Stay in the right lane and head up a big hill. On the downhill side, take the second exit, parallel the freeway until you find the street address, about ten blocks.

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Turned out, it was no hill. It was the tail end of the San Bruno mountain range and no one had mentioned the breathtakingly beautiful view of placid blue water spread out before him as Logan crested and began to descend. The wide expanse of the Pacific stretched as far as he could see in all directions. A pier jutted into the sea in the foreground and at the horizon an island chain.

The highway leveled out two blocks inland. He exited and caught glimpses of the ocean on his right between intersecting streets as he traveled through a mixed use neighborhood with an almost equal number of residential and commercial buildings. A weather beaten shopping center filled much of one block. The sign for a Mexican food restaurant loomed large as he passed beneath it.

This novel is 407 pages long, available in PDF format.

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