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Sean's Homecoming

Imagine a family of pranksters, from grandfather to grandson, and you may have some idea how Sean orchestrated his return from Iraq.
an excerpt from this screenplay …


A wedding party fills the hall. There are dinner tables, white table cloths and elegant place settings.

Each table is surrounded by seated guests dressed to the nines, young and old. Music plays in the background, the bride tosses a bouquet, the room becomes relaxed and people start chattering.

A few people stand and walk from table to table while one man, a gray haired gentleman with a beer bottle in his hand, stretches his legs, ambles toward the stage, walks a few steps up and past the podium. Behind the curtains the gray haired gentleman comes upon the photographer snapping shots. Light bulbs flash. Several couples are photographed in their elegant attire.

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The older gentleman stands smiling behind the photographer. A tow-headed boy wearing a miniature tuxedo with a Diet Pepsi in his hand approaches and stands beside the older gentleman.

Hiya granpa. Whatcher doing?


His voice has a touch of the Irish brogue, but clearly an American accent.

Sean. Well, lad, and are you enjoying your aunt’s wedding?

Photographer’s flashes intersperse the conversation.

Yep. A whole lot. Aunt Katie sure knows how to throw a party.

At that moment the grandfather’s eyes light up as if he has just had an idea.

Say there, mister photographer. Could I speak with you for a second?

This screenplay is 23 pages long, available for $1.

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