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Not Everybody’s Talking

When your friend calls and is lucid and needy, you try to help.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best intentions are to no avail.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Barry founded The Goofies and called himself The Bull Goose Goof. It was a networking group of writers, comedians and nondescripts which met during the ’80s and ’90s in a bar that eventually went out of business and it was through the Goofies I met Larry. He was a genuine Science Fiction writer, genuine in that his stories sold, and proud to be Goofy.

I love Skee Fee. I was raised on it. A Skee Fee author was something of a hero to me and Larry’s resume included Playboy, Galaxy and Omni. Some years ago I visited him at his apartment on Fourth and he handed me a recent, so recent it was current, copy of Fantasy and Science Fiction and poked his finger on a page. He was pointing out his by line in a story I read right there and he graciously said that was my copy. I had him autograph it to me.

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I’d phone Larry from time to time asking what he was working on, where he had been; he would talk about his travels which were exotic. His journalism was acerbic, his prose inspired. One day I found an essay of his in the Op-Ed section of our daily paper. But Larry was never a good correspondent—I always had to call him. He complained that the mailman was not on time, he was perpetually waiting on a check from a publisher for a story or an article that ran months ago, was always in need of money that should have been paid by now, but had not. He whined he was never on time with the rent.

Some people were just not born with the money gene.

This story is 7 pages long, available in PDF format.

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