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“Triptych” is three separate stories that can be read independent of one another or together as one.

The stories are set in Ireland where the locals are fast drivers and Americans have a tough time keeping to the left side of the road.

My brother and I actually went on a bee hunt, a raven really did die on my windshield and the story about the pregnant girl’s descendant returning and being spurned was told to me by my cousins.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

“The Blow Ins: Triptych Part I”

The woman who rented her sons’ room was slight of build with a determined stance that suggested, there in the doorway greeting us in that crepuscular air that lasts from seven to eleven of an evening in June in Ireland, she owned the moment. Farm stock, you might say.

“Ah, I see the blow ins have arrived,” she said with that lilt in her voice that immediately identifies the speaker’s country of origin to American ears.

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We had phoned from the car to inquire if the Lenihan’s B and B had room. Daylight promised but never quite failed to lead us along the narrow winding road in Kilkishen in county Clare. We were on our way to O’Callaghan’s Mills for a family reunion of sorts the next day, the two of us, brother and sister, planning to meet distant members of our family in a part of the world that would never become familiar to us but that already had a familiarity to it.

On the phone Charley Lenihan said sure, two rooms, come early, come late. Searching out the address, I found a sign above their mailbox proclaiming apiaries lived there. I asked my brother if he knew what an apiary was. The word was unfamiliar to him. Beekeepers, I explained.

Peg Lenihan stood in the doorway beaming at us and offered to take a suitcase saying come in, come in, as she lead the way to the parlor where I introduced us adding, “and you have hives.”

Charley had joined us by then and they both laughed at my double entendre. “I do,” he said with a twinkle coming from the crinkled corners of his eyes, thumbs twisted in his

This story is 25 pages long, available in PDF format.

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