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Dune Riders

An ironic tale based on a true story. The dunes at Grover Beach are the only place along the California coastline where you can legally drive off road vehicles.

For several years running there were fatalities and if you go there you may well collide with a 6-year-old driving a motorcycle.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

A Toyota truck and a Ford SUV entered the state park at Grover Beach just south of Pismo where their drivers paid the day fee. They drove to within a few hundred yards of the crashing surf and the lead driver pulled to a stop. The second followed suit.

“Time to deflate the tires,” Rory said as he came around the side of the Tacoma and bent down to begin the process. The driver of the Explorer and his passenger got out and both began to perform the same maneuver. They punched the tires down from 35 p.s.i. to around ten according to Rory’s recommendation. At 20-years-old Rory was the youngest member of the expedition; he was also the most experienced. He had been coming to the dunes since he was six and had a photo from that age showing him toodling along the flat glistening beach into a receding wave astride a motorized three wheeler which was no longer legally allowed anywhere in the state they were so dangerous to operate.

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A constant flow of recreational vehicles passed them by as the tires pancaked. Barry and Tom knocked the air down in all four of the Explorer’s tires, sat back and surveyed their work. They had effectively made the vehicle non-road worthy. Now it was adapted to coastline driving.

“If we had a Hummer we could change the tire pressure, up or down, without getting out of the cab,” Barry said and motioned toward a black H 2 that at the moment straddled a fresh water stream which meandered into the Pacific. The driver had mired all four wheels of the oversized machine in the banks on either side of the stream and was exerting every ounce of temporarily stranded energy to escape the trap he had made for himself. Barry did not add that the “air suspension package” as it is known is an

This story is 11 pages long, available in PDF format.

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