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Twenty Years Ago Today

When your friend tells you he hasn’t seen you in 20 years even though you saw each other last week, do you believe him?

This is a short short story. It's almost too short to describe and certainly not worth a dollar all by itself. Which is why it is part of a foursome. Buy one and get the others free. The three others are She Has Long Beautiful Red Hair, Forty Winks and a Nod and Fortunate Child.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Three met weekly at the same club where they played pool and drank alcohol. One Saturday night George walked in and ordered beer. He moseyed over to Steve and Carl who were already in the middle of a game and said, “Jeez. Steve. Hey, Carl. I haven’t seen you guys in twenty years.”

Carl was about to shoot. He did not bother looking up at his friend as he replied, “Last week. You were here last week,” and sank the nine.

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“No, seriously, guys. I’m telling you I’ve been thrown back in time. I mean it. I haven’t been in this bar in two decades.”

Carl was not amused, but Steve seemed interested. “Ok. Then tell us who’s president in 20 years?”

“Bush. A guy named Orren Bush, grandson of the first president Bush, the fifth president Bush to be elected. The dynasty continues.”

Carl missed his next shot, so Steve took up a position in front of the cue ball. He waved his stick toward a pocket indicating that was his choice of where to sink the ball. Carl sipped from his rum and coke, said, “You’re full of shit.”

“No, listen, guys. I used to come here all the time, but I haven’t for years. Just this once I thought I’d stop in and see if anybody still plays pool here. And I find I’ve leaped backward in time. I mean, you guys are looking great. You don’t look like you’ve aged a bit.”

This story is 1.5 pages long, available in PDF format.
You will receive “Twenty Years Ago Today” (1.5 pages), “She Has Long Beautiful Red Hair” (1.5 pages), “Forty Winks and a Nod” (2.5 pages) and “Fortunate Child” (2.5 pages).
  • Story is included in Youth and Other Science Fiction Stories and in Collected Works 2005
  • Hear “Twenty Years Ago Today” audio narration by Noah MacKenzie:

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