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Fortunate Child

The nature versus nurture discussion will always be with us, but there are times when the parent/child relationship is all that matters.

This is a short short story. It's almost too short to describe and certainly not worth a dollar all by itself. Which is why it is part of a foursome. Buy one and get the others free. The three others are Twenty Years Ago Today, She Has Long Beautiful Red Hair and Forty Winks and a Nod.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

“You have big day in school today, yes?”

The child looked up from his breakfast cereal, fist firmly wrapped around a spoon handle, the business end of the utensil inches from his open mouth. He peered up at his father through thick glasses which made his eyes appear large as hen’s eggs.

“Teacher says I have an important examination,” the boy said with a faint lisp.

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The wife and mother slid another rasher of bacon onto her husband’s plate. The father said, “This is good, good. You get education. This is good.”

The child was pleased his father approved. It was such a simple task, this test taking, not like how hard adults labored which was so much more important. The spoon made its way into his mouth and he happily crunched the milk drenched rice puffs. The child swallowed.

“Can I come to work with you tonight?” he asked tentatively.

“Daddy must work late,” the mother interjected. She rarely approved the child being out after sunset.

Her husband, however, wore a wide smile and was not to be put off: “As big reward, yes. Do good on exam, you come with me tonight and work late shift.”

The child was ecstatic with the prospect and promised himself he would excel just so he could meet his father’s expectations. He loved joining Papa as he made his rounds and hoped to emulate him when he grew up.


A man and woman stood side by side with pens poised over clipboards.

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