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The Lady Killer

Young people have no idea their innate sexual power.

Trouble is, when they do find it, it won’t last.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Odd how realization dawns. Jefferson had known the kid since birth, but it was not until he sat between Rex and a pretty but plump blonde girl who identified herself as Jenn that Jeff saw the amazing power Rex had over women.

“Not going to school right now, taking a vacation. Looking for a job. Was working as a driver at the cemetery until I had a car accident crossing one of the roads. Lost my license, so now I don’t drive.”

It was a typically inane soliloquy, the kind of self-indulgent history you expect from a vapid 23-year-old male. All Jenn asked was, “How are you?” His reply was anything but succinct.

Yet Jenn sat in rapt attention listening to these mundane meanderings. Eavesdropping only enhanced Jefferson’s sense of boredom. He could not put up with it for long. He drained his beer, stood to say goodbye to Lucas and Marie, mutual friends who had introduced Jenn, and said, “Which explains why I’m driving us home. C’mon, Rex. Gotta go.”

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The young man at last stopped talking, grabbed his coat off the rack and began pulling it over his shoulders with a flourish that reminded Jefferson of a Cavalier Poet setting off to war bidding his sweetheart adieu. Jenn said, “So nice to have met you,” and at that instant Jeff knew, knew from the depths of his soul, here was a world class lady killer.

At first Jefferson thought Jenn meant him, so he lifted his hand only to find her reaching right past to take Rex’s as it shot out his worn jacket sleeve. “I do hope we meet

This story is 23 pages long, available in PDF format.

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