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Martyn The Dope Pyg

A British subject, Martyn arrived in America intent on visiting the entire country only to become a speed freak spending his whole vacation and all his money on drugs while living in a backyard hovel.
an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Martyn was a dope pig. He didn’t start out that way, it just kind of happened. You might say he evolved into a dope pig.

Unlike Darwin, however, who stretched change over millennia, it happened to Martyn rather sudden like. He was a British tourist one day, an American dope pig the next. The way it occurred was he flew from Heathrow to LAX in the summer of 1968 with a pack on his back and a bedroll, his passport and several hundred American dollars, the minimum required at the time. He had absolutely no idea that the following day he would be in Long Beach where he earned his label and where he stayed long after his holiday travel time limit expired.

Martyn never got to Mexico, he never got to New York, he never even got back to Los Angeles where there are some pretty good museums, yet it was probably the most exciting five months of Martyn’s young life. The good news is he survived the experience. The bad news: thirty-eight years later he needed a new liver because the old one, the one he took with him to LAX and then to Long Beach, the same one he continued to use for, literally, the rest of his adult life, was damaged during that interlude, a brief aberration in what turned out to be an otherwise mundane if spotless life, by Hepatitis C, a curse upon his generation, but one which was unknown and unnamed in ’68 when Martyn was free, white and 21.

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Back then it was sex without condoms, there were no incurable blood borne diseases, carpal tunnel didn’t even exist and the ozone layer had just begun to leak only nobody knew it. A nostalgic period, wouldn’t you agree? Them days is gone.

This story is 31 pages long, available in PDF format.

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