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The real summer of love was 1966 when the Haight Ashbury blossomed and young people from around the world arrived and participated in creating a unique lifestyle.

The commune called “Kendalhang” was founded by six people and this is their story.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Dennis found the innards in the Panhandle near Masonic and immediately named it a Seedasoom. Most likely dropped off from a car heading in on Fell or out on Oak by someone who did not want to pay dump fees. Dennis got James to help lift and carry, not drag it, through the eastern tip of the park, across Lincoln and up Sixth Avenue. At the base of their building they paused on the sidewalk in front of the steps to recoup their energy, took a few deep breaths and ascended to the landing. The front door opened wide, they hefted the thing up the stairs bumping into the frangible embossed wall covering in several places puncturing it. The wainscoting in the hallway fared no better.

At last they trundled it into the living room and there, amid the piles of pillows, in front of the shallow coal fireplace with its high mirrored mantle, they set it down and fell back on the shabby sofa Michelle had found in the Panhandle two weeks prior.

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Harold heard the bumping noises and came to investigate. He and James watched as Dennis bent and plucked one of the strings just as Sean entered the room.

“What the hell is that doing here?” Sean asked indignantly. He preferred items with which he was familiar. He was not acquainted with a naked upright piano harp lying on his living room floor.

“Heavy,” was all Jimmy said.

“What’d ya expect? Probably cast iron under that yellowgold paint.” Dennis had a working man’s knowledge of metal.

This story is 23 pages long, available in PDF format.

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