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They Are Following Me

Some believe insurance adjusters are only there to deny claims.

Workman’s compensation is a good example. Based on a true story.

an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

Warren glanced in the rear view mirror and was certain he was still being followed. The black Chevrolet two cars behind, wasn’t that the same one he saw parked at the intersection near his house? He couldn’t be absolutely certain, but he wanted to be absolutely certain so he took a right turn at the next light and began to circle the block. The Chevy followed through the first turn. However, when he made a second right at the light, it broke off and continued down Sansome Street.

Instead of denying his suspicions and admitting they were a figment of his imagination, Warren thought, “My move was too obvious. Anyone worth his salt as an undercover op can spot the circling trick by turn two. The fact I shook him means nothing. If not him, someone else will pick up my trail at the grocery store or after work. Or at work. Who knows? It could be anyone on the faculty who makes extra cash moonlighting for Workman’s Comp.”

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Because Warren knew, he was certain, his Workers Compensation disability claim was the basis for the continuing clandestine surveillance even if his attorney swore they were not watching him.

Nearly two years ago Warren broke his ankle quite badly in a fall off a short ladder in the halls at the high school while taking down decorations after Thanksgiving. Warren was not a teacher, had barely managed to receive his own high school diploma, but he was a reliable worker who put in 17 years of service before the accident.

It was a simple chance event that should never have occurred. Warren leaned away from the vertical and the ladder began to tilt on its side. He dropped the construction

This story is 20 pages long, available in PDF format.

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