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Fighting for your rights when you have been unfairly penalized can result in success. But that’s no guarantee you will live to enjoy it.
an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

It’s not so much a style as it is a school. I call it the Paddy Chayefsky School of Corporate Paranoia.


A woman with deep black hair and lively round eyes waved when she saw Gallagher standing alone at the sales counter. She dropped the call she was on and approached.

“Sorry. Didn’t see you. May I help you?”

Gallagher held out an envelope. “Came to sign up, get a policy. Saw Ben Wheat last week. He quoted me a rate, said I was to bring my driving record from the DMV and he’d write it up.”

She smiled, but refused the proffered papers. “Wheat’s day off. I’ll tell Don Sayer you’re here. Have a seat.”

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Gallagher hid his vexation with a smile. This was his third visit to the Van Ness Avenue sales office. The first time he merely inquired about rates. The second should have been the last, but when Gallagher said he wanted the policy, Wheat stopped short of writing one saying Gallagher did not have all the necessary papers with him. The company would need a copy of Gallagher’s motor vehicle report, proof he was already insured and evidence he had no claims for the last three years before a policy could be issued.

This story is 15 pages long, available in PDF format.

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