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Walking the Strand

Two people on a Southern California beach during the last few hours they will be together. An old love story.
an excerpt from this contemporary short story …

An angry scarecrow stalked the beach. Miller pulled his coat tightly around his throat with his left hand while with his other he dug deeply in a pocket. His eyes squinted to ward off bits of grit kicked up at him by the impending windstorm.

The shore absorbed the wind’s kinetic energy as it had since time began and made a tacit promise to take driftwood as well as sand further up the coast toward the seawall. Inexplicably, furious piles of eucalyptus leaves swirled among nests of seaweed. Large, flat, wide, reddish brown: they became airborne dust-devils.

Can’t we act like sane people and get out of this wind? His thoughts had taken an angry cast when he realized the sandstorm was brewing. Their walk on the beach had become an irritant to him. He hated the feel of sand between his toes, in his shoes and socks.

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The sanity question surfaced but went unasked, became a half-remembered musical refrain. The sun was a large, bright orange sinking into the horizon.

“Sunset is most beautiful during a storm,” his companion said as she stopped and inhaled the coming night air.

“This is bull-shit, Marilyn. You know it’s bull-shit. I know it’s bull-shit. Why don’t we call a halt to this and get back to the house?”

She stood with her back to land and her heels dug in just beyond the lapping tongues of wave water. Her voice floated to him on the wind.

“My most favorite dinner with you was at Maxwell’s in San Francisco on the Wharf. Remember that night? I think we were celebrating, yes, I’m sure it was a

This story is 5 pages long, available in PDF format.
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