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Real Time Clock aka Virtual Trust

Several themes are at work in this story: Genetically “enhanced” children may not necessarily be enhanced at all. A virtual trust could keep a person’s work alive long after they are gone. And the story may be read in an electronic format which, if connected to the Internet, should allow the reader to visit other stories mentioned within.

Finally, did you know no names are prepared in advance for future generations of humans? Seems the terms “Baby Boomer” and “Gen X” are purely products of the press. Well, in this piece I named the next six human generations.

an excerpt from this science fiction short story …

“Do you have any idea how much
you do not know about the future?”


One — Virtual Trust

The interviewer had an annoying habit of poking a finger into the side of his face in order to chew his inner cheek while he studied the resume. He made comments as he scanned Frenwin’s credit list. “Yes. Top of the class, excellent. Majored in finance with an emphasis in insurance law. That’s good. Yes.”

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At last the interviewer (Frenwin had to glance at his own EA to get the name which he had, once again, quite forgotten: Ah. Lindgate, Woolen Lindgate) looked beyond his eye panel at the well-dressed young man seated in the room with him. “But you realize you start at the bottom, don’t you?”

One could stay home and Zone which meant subsidized housing, subsidized income, subsidized spending with no responsibilities. That also generally meant the cheapest, lowest quality pay per view.

Or one could seek employment. The young man nodded. He would take what was offered.

Lindgate continued: “We operate on the standard 23 hour work week here and we stick to it. However, you will be a salaryman. Therefore, you are expected to put in at least 28 hours and that means take the work load home with you. Spread out the day, as they say.” Wide, supercilious, condescending grin.

This story is 24 pages long, available in PDF format.

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