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They Work Harder

An inter planetary adventure like no other. Some readers enjoyed it at least one found the characters, plot, and attitudes of this story extremely distasteful. You be the judges. The history of the story has its roots in English literature.

They work harder, they work longer, they eat less and best of all, they don’t TALK BACK because they don’t THINK!”

The auctioneer’s hype gripped the audience and grabbed the attention of several off-worlders sitting on the patio of a nearby café, including Jacobi, who leaned forward and sat higher on his stool to get a better view of the creature being sold. It looked human enough if you overlooked the elephant ears and orange skin. Several more of its kind waited patiently with serene smiles for their turn under the laser.

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“What am I bid for this fine Mintari specimen, a male with a good strong back and an excellent disposition?”

A number of voices rang out in unison and the bidding quickly rose to three thousand credits. The auctioneer seemed pleased with himself. The bidding slowed. An over-dressed Cadan raised a mitten. The laser pointer focused on the Cadan and made a gavel-like smacking sound which signaled an end to the bidding. “Sold to the farmer in the front row for three thousand three hundred credits!”

Ill-concealed laughter erupted from some of the gathered buyers. The locals could tell the citizen wore a garb-band to disguise his caste, but the barker had seen straight through to his true identity. The Cadan was undoubtedly a wealthy country rube way out of his league in the big city who may have come to town to buy farm tools or purchase next year’s crop seeds. It looked as if he would leave with a chattel field hand.

This story is 25 pages long, available in PDF format.

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