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Time is relative to those who endure it. In this story, human beings have been guided almost from infancy by others from off planet.

Jeremy leaned over and kissed the girl full on her lips, then thrust his tongue down her throat and pressed his pelvis into hers leaving nothing to the imagination. Obviously he was ready. No one else in the crowded nightclub noticed, but the girl certainly did.

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“I know this great hotel with Victorian décor.” He suggested they check out of the club and check in there.

That crooked smile of hers, the one that reminded Jeremy of another, was all she gave in reply, but he understood her answer. He looped his arm through her bent elbow and led the way to his car, pressed his keychain remote as they approached the vehicle. The headlights came on as did two interior lamps, one focused on the driver’s seat and one on the passenger side; the doors unlocked and the engine came to life, purring at idle.

The hint of promised sex from the young woman almost overpowered Jeremy’s ability to drive safely. The hotel had a garage with an attendant. He left the key in the ignition and got out, walked quickly to her side and gallantly opened the door for her. Again taking her arm, he escorted her into the foyer where he began filling out the registry.

There was a photo in a corner on the counter top. Two young men in their mid-thirties stood close together and smiled at the camera.

“Mike or John still alive?” the Jeremy asked idly as he produced a credit card and flashed a second piece of identification. “You mean the Pietro brothers?” the young man nodded as the desk clerk swiped his card and replied, “John still is, yah,” he said absently as he plucked the receipt from

This story is 39 pages long, available in PDF format.

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