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Never Love a Man Again

Some pray for it, some cast spells to bring it to them, but love comes to many when they least expect it.

Sunny Dey loved men, cats and fresh-cut flowers in roughly that order. She also loved the arcane arts and was, in fact, a white witch.

Thus, when Danny dumped her for another woman the day after New Years not so very long ago, Sunny was quite angry at first. That passed as she held her black-with-a-white-spot-on-his-chest cat, Priest, in her arms and cried for about an hour. Then she set about getting even.

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“A handful of chrysanthemum blossoms brings sunlight sensitivity; oil of sumac drench his eyes. Now the pits of peach and apricot and two black locust beans,” Sunny intoned while studying passages from the book of “White Necromancy,” standard reading for witches these days. For good measure she consulted “The Consumer’s Guide to Poison Protection” and found every item in her brew on the list of toxic plants.

She put a match to the mouth of a bowl filled with brown powder, a spicy incense, and placed this on her living room table between two lit purple candles. With pestle in hand, she completely crushed in the mortar all the items she purchased from the occult store down the street, cut a piece off the favorite old shirt Dan used to wear around the apartment.

Chopping the shirt into little pieces gave her great satisfaction. She poured the mixture on the smoldering punk. There was a satisfying sizzle as the room began to fill with acrid fumes.

This story is 24 pages long, available in PDF format.

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